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Colonic with good gut health

Colonic with good gut health Good Gut Health 101: 1. You are not what you eat, You are what you Digest & Absorb. 2. A sluggish gut breeds a sluggish mind. Feed the gut well and the immune system and … Read more »

Bowel troubles?

Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment How can colonic hydrotherapy help with bowl problems? Some patients with bowel symptoms have a good exercise regime but a poor diet and this can effect transit time from consuming food to excreting waste. Bowel problems such … Read more »

Obesity and Gastric banding Treatment

Obesity and Gastric banding Treatment A news article published on Wales on-line one year ago highlighted that morbidly obese people are being told to eat more in order to be eligible for barriatric surgery leading reports indicate. Dr Nadim Haboubi … Read more »

Metabolic functioning

Poor Metabolic functioning Many patients who arrive at BSC Slimming Clinic have noted for years they seem to eat a regular diet and train intensely but find it hard to shift weight in areas of the body listed below. Abdominals … Read more »

Slimming for health reasons

Slimming for health reasons Patients who have been through a spell of poor cardiac health due to weight management problems have found this treatment a safe way of loosing weight without having to place any strain on a patients heart … Read more »

Hypnotic gastric-banding

I Feel too large to exercise I feel too large to exercise, how can I tackle this weight through nutrition and therapy? Firstly we would see if the patient has good metabolic functioning and see if this disorder could be … Read more »

My slimming regime wont work?

My slimming regime wont work? Good diet, regular exercise but I still cant remove unwanted fat pockets in certain areas. This is one of the statements we regularly hear at BSC slimming Clinic from patients who have a metabolic syndrome. … Read more »

metabolic syndrome

Find out if you have a metabolic syndrome The reason why patients are not shifting the excess weight and collecting fat in the same areas is due to poor metabolic functioning. Our patients who found it hard to lose weight … Read more »

New year weight-loss

New year weight-loss This is the time of year we all start to think about improving our health. Be it trying to lose some weight or doing a small amount of regular exercise daily or simply eating more healthy types … Read more »

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy -the process The Cenacle Treatment Centre has two different colon hydrotherapy procedures on offer. TheĀ  procedure entails warm water being introduced to the colon and each method relaxes and massages the entire colon with sterilised warm water under … Read more »


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