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Stockport Osteopathy#

Stockport Osteopathy# Adjustment and Analysis with cliff Lomas Can this treatment be the one solution to back pain symptoms? No it can’t be without the patient changing their habits which power symptoms of back pain. Poor habits such as posture … Read more »

Massage May#

Massage May Tuesdays and Fridays £30 -30 minutes( neck back and shoulders) and £40 – 60 minutes ( full body). Post injury sports massage with Annette Wrigley Massage available 9am – 7pm Tuesday– Friday Ease Painful symptoms with mmassage Many … Read more »


Acupuncture Sports Injury Acupuncture and sports injury with Rebecca Adlington The report released by the British Acupuncture Council has revealed that while almost three in ten Brits exercise more now than they did ten years ago, more than half (52%) … Read more »

No more Stiff upper Lip#

No more Stiff upper Lip# Stigma & Mental health The stigma attached to mental health issues is very prevalent in today’s society, and more so in the workplace, employees feel comfortable with illness if its the flu or vomiting, or … Read more »


Continued exercise ? Try Sports treatment When training for an event or keeping fit, any regular exercise can lead to tightness in certain muscle groups which intern can lead to  injury. For example office workers training for a Marathon can … Read more »

Hypnotherapy Services

Hypnotherapy with Douglass Craddock Since qualifying as a hypnotherapist I have continued to update and hone my skills in the therapy field so that I am able to offer you a complete and full service. Hypnosis is useful in helping … Read more »

Why do people use homeopathy?

Why do people use homeopathy? A recent practitioner survey showed that patients consult with a homeopath for all sorts of reasons; those affecting many people included anxiety, stress, emotional issues and low energy. In addition there were several physical complaints … Read more »


 About Homeopathy Homeopathy is a complete system of natural, safe, gentle and effective medicine. It has been in use across the world for over 200 years and every year millions of people are helped by homeopathy. Patients are treated as … Read more »

Anxiety and mental fatigue

Anxiety and mental fatigue Mental fatigue Are you worried about being too Anxious? Is anxiety and negative thoughts bringing you to a mental fatigue? Many Anxiety sufferers use coping strategies such as exercise music etc to deal with anxious thoughts … Read more »

What are the benefits of acupuncture?

What are the benefits of acupuncture? A growing body of evidence-based clinical research is discovering how the body responds to acupuncture and its benefits for a wide range of common health conditions. A lot of people have acupuncture to relieve … Read more »


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