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Do I need counselling?

Do I need counselling? You asked Google – here’s the answer Often people seek counselling for a specific reason, such as a bereavement or problems related to alcohol or drug use, but it doesn’t have to be related to a … Read more »

Registered Counsellors

Registered Counsellors BACP Register of Counsellors & Psychotherapists The BACP Register of Counsellors & Psychotherapists is a public record of therapists who have met our standards for registration. These standards cover training, supervision, continuing professional development and a commitment to … Read more »

Homeopathy cancer trials

Homeopathy cancer trials There is lots of interesting work and studies going on in India at the present, using low potency homeopathy in the treatment of cancer. This one caught my eye as it referred to pancreatic cancer and an … Read more »

Repetitive strain

Neck pain and Migraines Computer work and repetitive strain Millions of people these days spend many hours a day working at a computer screen. The rise in it use has brought with it an increase in problems of the upper, … Read more »

Cervicogenic headache

Cervicogenic headache Cervicogenic headache is analogous to sciatica which is often due to an irritation or “trapping” of the sciatic nerve in the lower lumbar spine causing referred pain into the leg.With neck dysfunction there can be nerve irritation, particularly … Read more »

Migraine & Osteopathy

Migraine, Cervicogenic Headache and Neck Dysfunction As an osteopath my specialism is in musculo-skeletal problems and over the years I have seen many people who suffer from headaches and migraines and who have associated neck and back problems. My interest … Read more »

Eating Disorders

New research into psychological treatments for eating disorders “Helpful and unhelpful aspects of eating disorders treatment involving psychological therapy: a meta-synthesis of qualitative research studies.” This meta-analysis, published in June 2013, sought to review and meta-analyse qualitative studies investigating helpful … Read more »

Pain treatment

Life long pain-management drugs Pain management with the NHS is becoming very costly some patients dealing with serious injury are being left to take pain management drugs such as codeine and opiate based medication to maintain pain levels. With the … Read more »

Better patient choice

Better patient choice It sounds great in theory, but how do you make it work in practice? A trial study in the city tested a shared decision making tool to improve dialogue between doctors and people on sick leave. General … Read more »

Volunteer dead after trial

Volunteer dead after clinical mood drug trail Drug trail for mood drug hospitalizes five patients three of which have irreversible brain damage and one death has been reported. Cases of early-stage clinical trials going badly wrong are rare and it … Read more »


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