Hourly room rental for Satellite clinics

Hourly room rental Private Medical Professionals who may have a number of clinics around the Northwest Cheshire area.
This is a great way of supporting Private Medical Professionals who may have  a small clients base and only needing half  a day of patients and do not need to be charged for full clinic hire when a hourly rent would be sufficient.

Hiring a medical centre is now even easier with Cenacle Treatment Centre Stockport.

Working with a number of consultants GP’s and medical professionals, we look forward to holding busy clinics for Post surgical consultants for surgeons and consultants. Holding over 10 rooms we find it easier to cover quick half day clinics not forgetting the more lengthier clinic times such as 8am -8pm which we can accommodate Monday to Saturday.

Room rental Stockport based at the Cenacle Treatment Centre Oferton has two rooms available for annual leasing contracts preferably for Medical Consultants or GPs for around £450 a month with reception services.


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